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"We just tore the whole thing up and started over!”

— Jerry Pate

True to our sport. True to the environment. True to golfers. Come play our Jerry Pate course to truly appreciate Timberline Golf Club.

The designer of Timberline Golf Club’s superb par-71 course that plays at almost 7,000 yards from the tips is none other than Jerry Pate. Pate's ultimate creation is a course that's fun to play, that's meticulously manicured and that rolls gently up and down a beautiful site well shaded by tall timber - the fragrant pines and huge oaks and hardwoods that give the course its name.

Jerry Pate Design (JPD) is devoted to preserving the element of choice during play; to presenting optional routes of play, and to creating interest and variety in each golf hole. The dilemmas presented by choice enhance the joy derived from the sport, while the monotony created by excessively penal shot requirements reduce it to an exhaustive march of solely physical tasks.

Don't miss out on your chance to play one of Jerry's gems! For tee times – or to become a member, call us at (205) 668-7888.

Jerry believes golf’s space is not just a built environment, but an integral extension of the natural environment. As such, the golf landscape and natural landscape must be considered together from an ecological perspective. This creates an aesthetic experience that inspires and charms each golfer, while preserving the natural habitats and functions of the site and its surrounds. It’s not necessary to over-create a golf space independent from the natural landscape purely for drama or effect. Such a discord is disturbing and distracts golfers from the enjoyment of the sport and the landscape.

JPD designs first to preserve the natural attributes of each site such as interesting contours, specimen vegetation, wetland and habitat corridors, and stimulating vistas. It’s then critical when routing the golf course to enhance these attributes so that the golfers who experience the site can fully appreciate its unique beauty.

JPD then designs to regenerate landscape and habitat lost during construction processes or even previous site activities. The result creates harmony between the created space and the natural environment that preserves wetland boundaries, encourages biodiversity, encourages the sustainability of on and off site habitats, and enhances the aesthetic experience of every golfer.

Come play one of Jerry Pate’s gems – Timberline Golf Club. For tee times – or to become a member, call us at (205) 668-7888.

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